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Central West Cycling Tour Cowra

Life throws us some interesting challenges to help us grow, think, and change direction. Taking a break can slow us down, to see things from a different perspective. I have not ridden a bike any distance for 30 years. Guests check in at Cowra Motor Inn have ridden 30kms or 50km on their bike and I have openly said “I Can’t do that”. Entre left stage a friend who is passionate and loves taking bike touring holidays, for weeks at a time.

Mmm this story is getting interesting!!!!!

Central West Tours and Cowra Motor Inn has been running festival tours in the Central West Region since 2017.

Friend says “Why don’t you do cycle Tours?”

Hence Central West Cycling Tour Cowra was born to show case the Central West Region. A short break was cancelled due to Covid. I decided to have a dry run of the tour, in the reverse due to Cabon Shire being locked down.
Wednesday morning left Cowra for Koorawatha (30kms) a beautiful sunny day not a breath of wind. Meeting a local people out on a morning ride and another moving a mob of cattle to another farm. The countryside lush green and the crops look amazing. My riding day ended with a look at the Koorawatha falls, a lot of water in there, very pretty. Koorawatha pub offered clean and recently renovated rooms with friendly service and very helpful with the storage of my bike. The balcony was a great spot to enjoy a cup of tea and watch a brilliant sunset in this great country and Central West Region. Enjoyed dinner and talking to the owners of the pub, great people.

Thursday morning left Koorawatha for Grenfell (50kms) a cool start to the day and slow climb most of the morning with a downhill run into Greenethorpe for lunch at the Post Office and Lunch bar with the essential coffee. Belinda made lunch quiche, salad and coffee, power food for the afternoon. Meeting the locals while refuelling and regenerating my body and mind. I followed the rail line and road run beside each other and surround by green farm land with hills in the distance. The air was so fresh and invigorating. A rocky river crossing, with rocks the size of tennis balls made it unrideable. OK now what – shoes and socks off and tights rolled up to our knees, I waded thru 1m deep and 4 to 5m wide of ice-cold water. Yes, I can, Yes, I can, I repeated under my breath.

My bike and I arrived on the other side with cold feet and renewed sense of self. Socks and shoes on and onwards and upwards. Life has its rocky patches and our attitude towards our situation determines the outcome. It was another beautiful day for cycling. I enjoy the Australian farmland and bush it fills me with joy. The hill that I have seen in the distance, were now right in front of me and it looked ominous 5% gradient for 300m. I had a quick break food and water not leaving it too long. Last challenge prior to a downhill ride into Grenfell, another opportunity to grow and believe in your capabilities. Onwards and upwards pedalling up the hill moving back thru the gears then pressed the power button to assist and there was no change in power, it had become evident that there was a problem and it was not working at all. I was on my own and now one could help at this point. I dug deep and grind thru it.

My friend says “up the power” and I said “I have”. When I reached the top of the hill all the “I cants” turned into “I cans” and in that moment my life changed. The gift at the top of the hill was the view. I came down that hill like a kid who had raided the lolly jar into the historical Grenfell. The battery just did not turn on properly. Turned it on and off again and then corrected itself. Stayed at the Criterion Hotel which is recently renovated and friendly helpful publican. The food was good and the bath tub was amazing after a long ride.

The next few days are wet cold and windy, I so decided to enjoy Art galleries and shopping, discovering what Grenfell had to offer. Cycling is much like life “work hard and then play hard”. Like many, I forget the play hard and keep on grinding.

Tuesday morning leave Grenfell for Gooloogong (70km) biggest day yet. The nice day with a bit of everything some hills and flats runs. Bird life is wonderful everything from Kookaburras, magpies, black birds, Willy Wag tails to hawks. Our lunch spot under a gum tree on a log overlooking the farming land enjoying watching the world go by. Lambs playing on the dam bank. White Sheep grazing in the green paddocks. One of our breaks was at the 50km mark and did some Yoga to stretch out. Then started to the decent into Gooloogong. This was a big day and everything was feeling well worked by the time I had reached the general store and Post Office I ordered coffee and flopped into the deep soft two-seater couch with feet up on a steel chair. Spent the next half hour wondering how I was going to get out. 4.30pm I made a move to go and check in at the Gooloogong Pub. Settled into my room and had a cup of tea on balcony and watched the sun go down. It got really cold quick and decided to move down in front the fire in the bar. Meet some local characters and the owners were helpful and friendly.

Last day from Gooloogong to Cowra (50km). Sounds easy compared to 70kms the day before. It rained overnight and the sides of the road and paddocks were wet. There were some hills that got me a little warm and decided to pull up and take my vest off. The farmer had a market stall outside his gate with lemons, they were beautiful. The country side is picturesque and looks like Europe. It was overcast and threating rain all day. I called into Rosnay Wines and see Sam and Richard owners of Rosnay Wines, it was a chance to catch up and talk about bike tours. I dropped in on Penny and had lunch while it poured down rain outside. I got lucky and when lunch was finished the rain dried up and continued on to Billimari and then to Cowra. Got home high and dry.

I enjoyed every moment of my break. Life has its moments it boils down to you choose. Life will always have its hills and river crossing, its your choice if it is perfect as it comes or its imperfect due to expectation. Life is about growing to be the best version of you that you can be and our river crossings are vessels for growth.

Now is your is your time, your chance to choose your life, your story, your journey of growth. Discover you and the Central West book Central West Bike Tours Cowra now on www.centralwesttours.com.au

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